photo by Sara Chambon Photography

Par and Ehsan

Vancouver, Canada

Where do I even begin? Sepideh was our amazing superhero officiant for our big day and she was nothing short of magic!! Out of everyone we had met, interviewed, and spoke to she was by far the most professional and caring individual we came across. She is extremely organized, responsive, and truly cares about the process of her work. She took the time to interview us, sent us questionnaires, and customized our ceremony to make it unique and special. She was able to seamlessly conduct the ceremony in both English and farsi and we were just beyond impressed. We actually got compliments about how well miss Sepideh did, I just want to say; thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pedram & Pegah

Vancouver, Canada

It was great having Sepideh as our officiant for the wedding. I initially thought the officiant would recite a generic script, with a few names changed to make suitable to the bride and groom.

Sepideh did the complete opposite. She took the time to get to know us, talk to our family and friends, and write a customized and specific script for us which greatly encompassed our vision and ideas. She ran the ceremony so wonderfully with her touching words, that it made the ceremony even more memorable and heartfelt for my wife and I.

Jon & Bani

Vancouver, Canada

Sepideh is one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! We’re so thankful that we were able to work with her.

Sepideh performed a bi-lingual (Farsi and English) ceremony for us that blended both Persian and Canadian traditions. She did it so well that many of our guests – both Canadian and Iranian – told us that it was the best ceremony they had ever been part of!

The ceremony was very thoughtful and unique – Sepideh perfectly blended our two cultures in a way that was interesting for everyone. Also, it did not feel repetitive for our guests who spoke both languages – which was very important for us. We started with the Sofreh Aghd ceremony and we ended with the sharing of vows and the ring ceremony. The flow felt natural and the length was great. The poems Sepideh had picked for us were beautiful and romantic and very fitting for us as a couple. She did such a great job of weaving our personal stories into the ceremony.

In addition to the great outcome, the process of working with Sepideh was wonderful. From the very first meeting we were impressed with how prepared she was. She is genuinely interested in getting to know her couples so that she can create unique stories for them.

Overall, Sepideh is a fantastic officiant and we highly recommend her.

Merci Sepideh joon!

Golnar & Hamidreza

Vancouver, Canada

Given Sepideh and us lived on either side of the border; she managed to set up a Skype chat to discuss details. She spent some time getting to know us and figuring out how we want our ceremony performed. She helped us think through the traditions to decide which we wanted to keep or modify. In the end, she tailored the ceremony to perfectly reflect our personalities and our beliefs.

Sepideh is very caring, thoughtful, accommodating, and supportive. A beautiful and professional woman who reads romantic Rumi and Hafez poetry and fits beautifully in whatever theme your wedding might be.

Sepideh made everyone feel welcomed and added just the right touch of elegance, romance and warmth to our special day. We definitely recommend her to anyone needing a sweet, beautiful and caring Officiant.

Leila & Raphael

Toulon, France

Having Sepideh as our Maître de cérémonie was such a blessing for my wife and I's wedding. No word from me will match the kind comments I received from all of our wedding attendees afterwards. Imagine, to this date, people who didn't know Sepideh still remember her name 3 years after! Oh, and did I mention this was experienced across people of different nationalities?

What marks me the most is that while I was casual in the preparation of my wedding, Sepideh on the other hand was thoughtful and planning, asking us meaningful questions through Skype sessions (we were living in a different state) and emails. You see, I have known Sepideh for a long time through work where she established herself as a highly respected engineer, program manager, and manager of program management in a high-tech company. The qualities that allowed her to succeed in her career are the same qualities she used to prepare our ceremony: professional, visionary, passionate, thoughtful and a strong communicator. As a result, our ceremony was perfectly planned and "delivered" to the point we all thought: "wow, she must have done this all her life!".

It is important in a wedding to live through the moment so we can focus on the meaning of the ceremony, the words spoken, the people surrounding us, and the love that is palpable rather than worry about how things go. All I can say is that I remember and cherish those moments, and Sepideh had everything to do with it.