I have always had a passion for creating connections. This passion is what inspires me to be the one facilitating a bond between two individuals wishing to share their lives together.

Your vows are the most sacred part of your wedding day and honoring the promise you make to one another is for life. The memories of your special day will feed the fire and keep passion of your unity alive for years to come. I will work with you to find the most natural way to formalize and strengthen this unity. Whether it is through funny stories or poetically romantic language we will work together to express your inner love for one another. We will weave in your customs and traditions of choice to make your event personalized and unique.

Siavash Kasrai, the contemporary Iranian poet says:

Life is beautiful

Life is a fire temple everlasting

If you kindle it, the dance of its flames from every shore is seen

Let's work together to make your event a true start of your beautiful united life!

Sepideh is a wedding officiant and an ordained minister and carries a masters in electrical engineering. She is fluent in English and Persian and can speak in Spanish and French as well.

She has been a leader and consultant for over two decades. She is happily married and a mother of two beautiful children. She lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.